Pinetab2 released, is manjaro planning to support it when shipping starts/later?

I’m amazed at how this should be an actually usable tablet compared to the previous one, with backlit keyboard/protective cover, and still only 160$

It ships with DanctNix Arch

Well, it looks like it is not actually shipped yet: “[Pre-Order, Delivery Mid-May]”. But since DanctNix (which is mostly stock ArchLinux ARM) is already working on it, it should not be too hard to get Manjaro to run.

We will receive the device soon for Manjaro development.

So we should have some support soon, though there is no timeline.

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Indeed, i was kind of asking if manjaro will support it, or will it be down to a community edition. But seems like everything is as expected, and the good cooperation between pine and manjaro is continuing.

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Ofcourse, there is no problem between the projects. We have always supported Pine64 devices even before the time when Manjaro arm become default OS for some of their devices.

We will continue to support their devices.

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A new purchase is in the pipeline…

What does the Community & Dev mean … PINETAB2 - ARM or RISC-V ?

Unfortunately, the pinetab2-arm at is already (immediately) sold out :smirk:

Both ARM versions are in stock in the international store i linked to in the first post, and the price is also much better. And you will definitely want one of the ARM versions.

I will be delaying my purchase until manjaro has a release for it.