Pinephone won't make calls

I’ve had the phone for quite a while now, but haven’t used it as a phone since it isn’t really ready for daily use. I just got a SIM for it and was going to try it out, but it won’t make or receive any calls. I have applied all updates/upgrades through pacman, and the status shows up to date. I tried searching around some forum posts and tried these commands. The latter two gave no modem found, and here is the status in the Settings GUI.

sudo systemctl restart ofono
sudo systemctl restart eg25-manager
ofonoctl poweron → No modems found
ofonoctl online → No modems found

In GUI Settings

SIM 0 - SIM Details

Operator Name - T-Mobile

Modem Details

Enabled - true

State - Disabled

Failure Reason - No error

Also curiously when calling the phone from my other phone, the screen briefly dims out just before each audible ring in the other phone’s speaker.

Plasma Mobile has switched from ofono to ModemManager, so you have to use ModemManager instead of ofono.

The following has been listed in the notes for every update since late December, it is under “Old Issues” by now:

Thanks for looking at this for me. Terminal accepted these commands, but still nothing happens if I try to call with the Pinephone or call the Pinephone from another phone. Modem settings still shows my SIM and phone number, but still says :
Enabled: true
State: disabled

I have partially solved the problem by downloading and flashing the current OS file. Now the Pinephone will make a call and rings when there is an incoming call, but nothing happens when I press “Accept” for an incoming call.

[UPDATE] I am going to mark this solved, not because the phone is working well, but that it is working well enough that now I would call it buggy rather than not working. After a few reboots, it has gotten to the point where if the phone is with screen off, it will ring, but pressing accept to answer won’t work until I unlock the phone. On the other hand, leaving the screen on with the phone unlocked, the phone doesn’t ring, but I can accept a call. So this proves all functions work, just not consistently. I was also alerted to an open issue in gitlab.

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