Pinephone reflashing to Manjaro

Hi, I wanted to buy pinephone with manjaro but it’s no longer for sale.
Can I buy pinephone with mobian (current offering) and reflash it with Manjaro?
I found page with images but not sure if that’s possible to reflash in my own?


Sure is and sure can. :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Just bought Pinephone Mobian Edition. It will arrive next month. :smiley:
It’s a shame that they don’t allow all distros which were offered in the past. I am sure plenty of folks would still want to buy Manjaro edition, UBPorts or other flavour.
Also I heard this is last community edition of this phone.
Wonder what’s next.

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Flashing another distro to the internal storage is pretty easy.
Boot an OS from the SD card, download the OS image you want, DD it over to the eMMC.

Even easier… get the “Jumpdrive” image, flash that to a card, boot Pinephone from it (Turns your pinephone into a USB drive). Then plug into your computer and you can DD directly to the Pinephone from your Linux computer.