Pinephone Pro updates

I am running pine phone pro with manjaro plasma. I am having a terrible time with this entire process and hoping someone can help me. First off, the phone won’t turn on half the time I try to use it but when it does, it says it has upgrade available. I’ve now upgraded and reboot the phone 5 times and it just keeps going through the same process. I thought maybe I was behind on updates and it was doing one at the time but I’m not sure if that is the case anymore.

If I click on the update itself it shows me 463 updates needed but it shows 0 B beside it as if it has no size.


Connect to your phone using ssh.

Then run

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syyu

I’m sorry but I am not used to Manjaro. What is the process for running ssh server so I can get into it?

Your phone should have ssh installed.

systemctl start sshd

Scan your network to locate your phone (you can use a GUI tool like ipscan (AUR))

sudo arp-scan -l

Or open a terminal on the phone and run

ip a

When you have the IP address then connect

ssh manjaro@$IP

Use your PIN as password

I ran command on phone itself and it shows ukraine, Netherlands, Germany…

Also, I have Ip of phone and when I try to ssh it says it isn’t available. I can ping it though so I know it is there.

Start the ssh service

systemctl start sshd

service not found.

On the phone?


sorry, missed the d it is running now.

it is running update now. Hopefully this will take care of it.

Thank you

technically you don’t need the ssh service - it just easier to use than the terminal app on the phone :slight_smile: and safer in case the GUI must be updated.

When update is done - reboot the phone


Yes, I agree totally :slight_smile: Typing a 100 wpm verses 2 on the phone gets quite frustrating :slight_smile:

well, everything appears to be updated now but still having crazy issues.

  1. if I reboot while unplugged from power it won’t ever come back on. I have to plug into power and it makes a sound then shows boot messages and eventually boots.

  2. I logged in and I don’t have top bar or menu at bottom. It then after a few seconds grey’s out all the icons on the desktop and won’t do anything.

I ended up having to hold power button and reboot device again.

Also, is there no texting app on pine phone with manjaro plasma?

Interface seems sluggish and after rebooting I get icons across top and bottom again. Then login with passcode and everything looks normal but no menus and nothing is working again. Everything was working fine a few minutes ago so no idea why it keeps locking up now.


Spacebar is the application for SMS text messaging. The latest version also has some support for MMS.

If you are looking for other messaging services, then the application to use depends on the service:

  • for e-mail, you currently have to install Geary (a GNOME/Phosh/GTK app),
  • for Matrix, Neochat is or can be (*) installed and should just work,
  • for Telegram, Telegram Desktop is or can be (*) installed, it is the desktop version though, so not fully mobile-friendly,
  • for Signal, you probably want to install Axolotl, which last I checked was not packaged, so it is unfortunately not easy to get it to run,
  • any proprietary messaging apps (WhatsApp etc.) are not supported, you might get them to work with Waydroid or Anbox, but so far I have not seen a single success report.

(*) These applications were recently dropped from the default installation, so if you started from a recent image, you have to install them from the repository, whereas if you upgraded from an old enough image, you will find them preinstalled.