Pinephone Pro soft-brick

I have just unpacked my new Pinephone Pro and updated it. since then, booting from the emmc is no longer working (despite a full battery, there is no sign of life).

Can i use dd to flash a phosh image from the microsd card into the emmc?


Jumpdrive is not working. Best thing is to get Manjaro Phosh on a SD card, hold the RE button when booting to skip eMMC and then try to either blank eMMC bootloader or reflash the disk via gnome disk. However the extracted img file needs to been added to the SD card as well.

Yes you are right Phil, the Pro is not yet supported by jumpdrive.
Sorry for my suggestion

This is where the pro is added?!

Unfortunately I can’t test it

try to either blank eMMC bootloader

Literally blanking it is not going to allow the phone to boot from eMMC though. It may get it to boot from microSD without holding the RE button, but that is not what the user actually asked for.

Overwriting the eMMC bootloader with a known working one is what the user will need to do, isn’t it?