Pinephone Pro Call-profile Mic Audio too quiet

Ever since the release of the PPP-specific kernel 5.19.8 (and all versions released thereafter), my phone’s microphone audio during a phone call is far too quiet for the other end of the call to hear me.

Boosting the mic’s gain in the audio settings (even over 100%) does not seem to help whatsoever, as if the additional gain is not applied at all. I have to yell into the microphone for any pick-up. I’ve had this problem on both Plasma Mobile and Phosh (even a fresh install of Phosh Beta27 has this problem for me, and it ships with 5.19.8).

So far, I’ve had to simply downgrade the kernel to 5.19.1 to keep my call mic audio working appropriately. Newer kernel versions have not remediated the issue either.

Let me know if there’s any further information I should supply.

This is more of an issue report than a support request. The fact that kernel 5.19.1 works is useful information that can potentially be used to bisect where this regression happened.

Similar issue is reported here: Call audio quality on PinePhonePro is problematic for others (#249) · Issues · manjaro-arm / issues / Pinephone / Phosh · GitLab

I would probably comment on that issue with this information to indicate that audio on the ppp has regressed.

Maybe also test this solution (use pipewire instead of pulseaudio)

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Thanks for the helpful tips! I posted in that Gitlab issue, and tested switching over to pipewire with somewhat improved results.

There is easy fix for this:

But there is another issue and afaik there is no fix for this: