PinePhone keyboard layout with manjaro plasma

hello dear unixoid friends. I recently purchased a keyboard. I’m testing with the factory assembly of Manjaro with kde plasma.

In kde plasma mobile in the settings there is the ability to enable various language layouts only for the on-screen keyboard.

There are no settings as such for the hardware keyboard in the graphical interface.

Please tell me, do not refuse the beginner, how can I not only add a second language layout, but also assign switching keys.

plasma-mobile is for mobile - I don’t think there is any settings specifically for external keyboard.

Though I have a pinephone pro with keyboard case - it is more a gimmick - IMO.

You can use localectl to setup keyboard layouuts.

man localectl

Read the wiki page on the keyboard - PinePhone (Pro) Keyboard - PINE64 - the is a few don’t ever do e.g. like attaching usb device to your phones usb-c port - which is a shortcut to brick your phone.

Thanks a lot