Pinephone issues

Hello, I’m making an accumulative thread for all the Pinephone issues I have with my phone. I may edit later with more issues as they arise. This is not a thread to complain, just to bring the problems into the developers’ attention.

  • When I receive an SMS from a phone number without having first sent an SMS myself to that number the SMS won’t open. Really important for bank transactions.
  • Various menus don’t scale properly and/or are too slow when selecting stuff.
  • At first I had to update the system via terminal cause Pamac was stuck on “Looking for updates”.
  • When I put my headphones in the jack it doesn’t automatically change the Audio Source to the headphones.
  • When I plug the phone in the PC it’s not recognized so I can’t transfer files.
  • When someone calls or you answer the call and you’re listening to music, the music doesn’t stop playback,

These are all I remember currently. If something else comes up I’ll add it to the list. :smiley:
Thank you so much for your efforts and I hope this becomes an amazing products as it DEFINITELY has the potential for it. :smiley:

You can do the first update by plugging it with Ethernet to your box. (I had to reboot the phone before I could do it)

There’s also a few apps like ‘Authenticator’ crashing if you press the arrow.

I have to say the new dev image is much more more responsive than the previous versions. A big bravo to the team! I am trying to install Manjaro KDE x86_64 with qemu and the phone is still completely responsive. I’m thoroughly impressed! :smiley: