Pinebook Pro XFCE Update Crash

Hello. I have a Pinebook Pro. I’ve flashed XFCE on it. Configured it and added the apps I like to it. I really started to get comfortable with it being the way it is. Then, there was a major update from Manjaro, and I ran “sudo pacman -Syyu && flatpak update” yesterday to update the system. Then I closed everything and restarted the computer. When the computer was restarted I then had no bluetooth, no wifi, no sound… It’s like there was a gremlin hidden in the update that deleted many items from the kernel rendering the Pinebook unusable. The insidious part of it all is that since the Pinebook doesn’t have a network jack I can’t simply connect to the internet and troubleshoot and repair what I’ve configured and built. I tried to connect a wifi dongle to the usb port, but (of course) the kernel doesn’t recognize the wifi dongle. (Panda Wireless. Works on all my other Linux devices).
I’d love to say this was the first time, but Manjaro updates have wrecked my kernel on the Pinebook Pro in an identical way several times in the past. I’m coming to a place were I feel like I should just sell the Pinebook (at a low price, like $50) and move on, but I was hoping maybe someone here could explain what’s happening, and why my kernel’s getting wrecked simply because I’d like to keep my Pinebook up to date.

Regarding Bluetooth and Wifi, it could be because you are rebooting.

There is a hardware flaw in the design of the PBP that has not been worked around in software, where if you don’t completely turn off the device, then the wifi/bluetooth chips will count as “unavailable” to the OS.

I check each update on my Pinebook Pro, before it gets pushed to Stable branch and I have not encountered any issue you have mentioned.

But, having said that, you can choose a different OS if you want. There are many available. It’s up to you.