Pinebook Pro USB Type-C video out workaround

Hi guys,

I wanted to share you a workaround I did to make the USB Type-C video out to work on my Pinebook Pro again which is basically a “How to install megi’s kernel” tutorial I posted on Pine64’s forums in case anyone would like to do the same and make use of external dock or simply connect an external display to it.

You can find my detailed step by step guide over here on Pine64 post #8: No external monitorvia USB-C over Dockingstation

The only downside is that megi’s kernel doesn’t include the Linux headers at this time of writing (both the lib/include/6.*../build/ and lib/include/6.*../source/ directories are symbolic links to megi local directories) so you won’t be able to compile custom kernel modules to it unless you either add the kernel sources into it’s source directory or compile the kernel headers yourself using the same commit from megi’s correct pbp-* branch and copy/paste them into the build directory.

Alternatively, you could ask megi if would be possible to include the files from the build directory along the kernel downloads :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope you guys find it useful! :smiley:

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