PInebook Pro Upgrade Possible?

Hi all. Can I upgrade this Pinebook Pro Laptop after considerable absence ? Pacman is telling me it has 555 packages to upgrade. When I proceed I am presented with many many prompts asking for a yes or no. - see enclosed screencapture. Eventually the upgrade fails with unsatisfied dependencies.
Has too much time elapsed to upgrade ?
Current system 6.4.7-1-MANJARO-ARM

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Yes, you can. Just press Enter when you see [Y/n] to accept the default β€˜Yes’ answer. However, you may need to remove obsolete, conflicting packages for the KDE Plasma 6 update.

FYI, this is not the first time someone has had an issue like this. Have you searched the forum? :mag: :wink:

In the future, please copy and paste terminal output using preformatted text, not screenshots or photos of text. Images cannot be indexed by search engines and increases the size of the forum backups on the server.

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You hit yes everywhere, you choose d-bus-broker, so far so good, now remove libkipi, basket and whatever else stops the update. And update the kernel to 6.6 or 6.7 or whatever. And remove the community repo. And you will be fine. In the future, also learn to handle pacnew files. And read the Announcements.

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Thanks Teo, following your suggestions, the upgrade has completed. I still have a few steps, but to have this part done is so good.
I am surprised at the longevity of the Pinebook Pro. It still works well after all this time, due in large part to the support of the Manjaro developers.

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