[Pinebook Pro] Slow shutdown


On a Pinebook Pro with Manjaro KDE, the shutdown or reboot process is sometimes reasonably swift, but most of the times, when I ask for a shutdown or reboot, I first get a console display showing that the system is shutting down, without any additional information (no systemd shudown output), and it stays there for minutes before I eventually get the Plymouth shutdown splash, and finally the system turns off or reboot after a few seconds.

I have no clue of what causes this long delay, and as, at this time, am logged out, I can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes…

Any clue ?

Thanks in advance.

This also happens on my x64 desktop, so it’s not ARM related.

I believe it’s a KDE process making it hang for a few minutes sometimes.

Check if there is error message during shutdown.

$ journalctl -p err -b -1
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