Pinebook Pro NVME boot seems to disable SD boot

I updated the SPI flash on my Pinebook Pro as described here, Releases · pcm720/rockchip-u-boot · GitHub

Now it boots fine from NVME but if I insert a SD Card which is supposed to take priority over NVME it doesn’t power up and boot until I remove the SD card. I built the SD Card using the Manjaro ARM Flasher utility on the Pinebook Pro running 20.08

Found a newer version here Releases · pcm720/u-boot-build-scripts · GitHub

Trying that one, to see if it fixes the problem booting from SD

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Yup, the later one worked and has the added advantage of using the LEDs the same way the factory one did. Amber then Green as opposed to off and then Green.

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So when you used U-Boot v2020.07-1 it worked fine?

How did you go about getting Manjaro on the NVMe? I’ve just installed a NVMe drive on my PBP and am pondering my next move.

I followed this guide with much success: PineBook PRO - Manjaro 20.0.4 - NVMe - General Discussion - Manjaro Linux Forum

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I used the Manjaro ARM Installer on the Manjaro booted from SD.

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