Pinebook Pro HDMI through USB-C dock not working


I’ve notice that HDMI output is not working anymore on pinebook pro, i also read somewhere that it might be related to a kernel update but nothing really clear.
Is there a known workaround ? Do someone have a bit more info on that ?

Thanks, so if I understand nobody is working into having a proper fix that work for everyone but there is this repo : which maintains a custom kernel including the patch.

I guess someone already tried to have it mainline ? I’ll be keen to help but not sure how :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen it in the mailing list, so I don’t think so. But the author (megi) said that it was not mainline ready, meaning upstream wouldn’t accept the code, as it is.

I see, I didn’t get any chance to make things work with megi’s prebuilt kernel (but i saw that he made an awesome job for the pine64 community).