Pinebook pro hardware acceleration

Hey there, quick question: Does the Pinebook Pro currently have hardware acceleration for things like video playback and web browsing? I have been getting mixed messages from different sources all over the internet some saying it does while others (equally recently) say it is still in the works. I am wondering whether to buy one and am wondering if it is going to see great performance increases with optimisations in future updates.

Hardware acceleration in ARM soc is divided into 2 category

  1. Gpu acceleration used for UI and games like open gl es.
  2. VPU acceleration used for video encoding and decoding.

Gpu acceleration drivers are called panfrost which are wip and currently being used with the default factory image and works quite well but it is still in heavy developement and not reached its finish l final stable stage.

VPU drivers are called rkvdec and hantro and they’re 2 different engines which handle different types of codecs. These are also WIP and some people have got it to work but that needs many patches for the whole graphical stack which should be upstreamed by the end of this year. I hope it does.

Ive tried to get vpu to work but it didn’t work for me maybe will try again with 5.9 stable release as it needs patched ffmpeg, mpv or kodi so the whole stack have to be build with patches and ffmpeg takes a lot of time if build with all the options used for general uses other than only rk3399 vdec config.


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