Pinebook pro crashes few seconds after boot


Pinebook pro crashes and shutdowns.

After the first reboot, journalctl indicates that there was a problem with pulseaudio, which caused the computer to shut down. But the computer abruptly shuts down again before I can fully read the logs.

Now the computer shuts down a few seconds after opening X, so it is impossible to see the logs or correct the problem.

i need to start the computer in safe mode or text mode so that it does not shut down immediately after restarting. Can you help me please?

No more reboot: LED remains red, nothing happens.

What is going on?!

Boot on usb key ok.

battery at zero%!

Am I an idiot? the computer was badly connected!

I will contact you again when the battery is recharged: it is possible that the computer turned off because the battery was empty.

Maybe the problem was between the chair and the keyboard. In this case, the computer is OK, but my brain is not.

It seemed to me that the multi-socket was badly connected!

The computer was improperly connected and the battery was discharged. The issue was resolved after charging the battery.

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