Pinebook Pro Charging

charging pinebook pro with nvme drive installed using usbc just maintains battery level. in cases of heavy load battery level actually goes down.

anyone else having similar charge experience?

i checked amperage while changing and it uses about 1.5 amps at 5volts. sometimes a little more or less. i think thats about half of what is available

I noticed that, even without the NVMe drive. The barrel power connector is much better at charging the PBP than through USB-C.

My x86_64 laptop uses a 50-watt charger, and even I wish that it could trickle-charge through its 5-volt usb-c port, but it can’t. I wouldn’t consider this a problem because the dedicated power port is a barrel jack, but if there is another pinebook revision then supporting 20-volt, 5-amp usb-c charging instead of coming with a charger would be super awesome, and make the product even cheaper.

Ill compare to the barrel charger today. i really like usbc charging though. i hope this is software fix.

I haven’t had issues charging my PBP with USB-C. I don’t have an nvme drive in, but it does charge fine. Just very slowly. It’s a limitation of the battery controller it has.

So if the PBP has load while charging, it actually uses more power than it can charge, even with the barrel charger.


Barrel charges at 11.6w (3a * 5v = 15w max)
USB-C charges at 9w (3a * 5v = 15w max)

Manjaro KDE idle about 5w
Manjaro KDE Youtube 720p = 8w

Charging margins are especially thin under low usage and USB-C charging.


All wattage numbers are pulled from readings on the outlet not on the laptop. So these are mains current draws.

Interesting XFCE charges better by barrel and usbc than KDE.

Barrel Manjaro XFCE charges 17w (2w above max of charger)
USB-C Manjaro XFCE charges 11w (equal to barrel using KDE)