Pinebook A64 (11.6" 1366x768) after update not booting

Hi, I tried to install Manjaro XFCE and then Mate on my Pinebook A64. I used manjaro arm flasher at first it recommended version 22.06 that is bit old but it managed to boot. After instllation (to the sd card) I tried to update but it was not able to because of not being able to sign the local PGP keys. So I removed the PGP check in the pacman config file and it managed to generate new kernel images and generaly update itself. But when I rebooted it only showed black screen (the Uboot was working it said loading kernel, but only black screen with backlight was shown). I am thinking about holding the version of linux-kernel package. I will probably try that if nothing better comes up. I also tried installing newer version on the Emmc and Sd Card using manjaro-arm-installer, that installs probably newer version because it straight up not boots. It showed the Uboot but it did not go any further. I do not even know where to start debugging. I looked every where but have not found any solutions.

Well for anyone else. Just do not use Manjaro on the Pinebook it is basically impossible to get it past update (after update it never boots again). You need to select some older version of armbian (I think I tried it with 22 or 23) then you need to hold the version of kernel and then it is possible to update and reboot.

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