Picking OS for host machine

Sure, it has a great performance on CPU virtualization, but bear in mind gpu acceleration is not that great, at least in my experience. To have a optimal experience you will need to passthrough a second gpu exclusively for the VM while the first one is used for the Host.


Thank you! I have a spare GPU lying around but is there a chance that I can use iGPU which is built in my i7 7700k? I have doubts that my power supply will be able to juice up two beefy Radeons.

It should be possible. There is Intel_GVT-g which can passthrough the iGPU to multiple VMs according to the arch wiki:

It can be used to virtualize the GPU for multiple guest virtual machines, effectively providing near-native graphics performance in the virtual machine and still letting your host use the virtualized GPU normally.

But never used it. A Broadwell (and newer) gpu is necessary.

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I’m sorry but I phrased myself poorly.

What I was trying to ask - can iGPU be used for the host machine?

In case if someone else with the same question will stumble upon this thread, the answer is yes and here is the guide that I’ve found but haven’t tried yet (crazy busy atm) GitHub - bryansteiner/gpu-passthrough-tutorial

Thank you very much for your time, megavolt!