Physical keyboard - PlaMo

I really want to buy the “keyboard case” for my PinePhone but I have problems with physical keyboard both on Phosh and Plasma Mobile.

Phosh doesn’t disable the On-screen keyboard so it just pops up all the time and very annoys me :slight_smile: - but Phosh at least changes layout of my physical keyboard to the same I use on my On-screen keyboard

On the other hand, Plasma Mobile disables the on-screen keyboard (good job - it works exactly how it should :grinning:) but it just uses universal english layout - which means it is for me still not in usable state :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there a way how could I change my layout when using PlaMo? or at least a way to disable the on-screen keyboard when using Phosh? (or a way to fix these things for everyone? :wink:)

Should be able to do that with a localectl command. :wink:
Not really a GUI way to do it, since PlaMo is not really made for a physical keyboard.

I somehow can’t make it work :frowning:

I tried to apply the commands that localectl -h told me to do, and it actually tells me this:
localectl status
System locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC keymap: cz-lat2
X11 Layout: cz

but when I try to type with my keyboard, it still has the english layout