Phpmyadmin : require the following PHP extensions to be installed: iconv, mysqli

i have this error while setup my local server open /localhost/phpmyadmin

Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require the following PHP extensions to be installed: iconv, mysqli

i uncomment these extentions from php.ini and still not working

this is my installed moules

  • [PHP Modules]
  • Core
  • ctype
  • date
  • dom
  • fileinfo
  • filter
  • hash
  • json
  • libxml
  • mbstring
  • mysqlnd
  • openssl
  • pcntl
  • pcre
  • PDO
  • Phar
  • posix
  • readline
  • Reflection
  • session
  • SimpleXML
  • SPL
  • standard
  • tokenizer
  • xml
  • xmlreader
  • xmlwriter
  • zlib

any help ?

You may have to install them as separate packages - but I don’t know which package contains what

iconv may be in the php-imagick package and the mysqli may be contained in the mariadb package.

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You may need to uncomment in /etc/php/php.ini again after installing the modules

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mysqli and iconv are with php package
only uncomment (rm first car ;)

php can be loaded as service: reload http server


thanks all <3

Hello, I have the exact same error.
I tried
sudo pacman -Ss php-iconv
sudo pacman -Ss php-mysqli
then I removed the semicolumn in /etc/php/php.ini
sudo systemctl restart httpd
but still the same message… Any helpers ?

Please check the syntax of the pacman command, -Ss will not install a package.

If this doesn’t resolve your problem, please create your own topic.

I was following the command from the wiki.archlinux on PHP.
If I run the command
sudo pacman -S php-iconv
it returns
error: target not found: php-iconv
I’ll open a new topic on the subject. Thx for the quick answer.

iconv is in php ! /usr/lib/php/modules/
only at you to uncomment line in php.ini

after reboot run php -m for check

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This worked for me. Thank you