Photos are lost in sd card

so i took a lot of photos recently and tried to them on my machine running windows 11.
idk how but half of the photos got lost right after trying to view them.
even after putting the card back into the camera i am not able to see them.
after i tried recovering the photos i could only bring back the photos that i had purposefully deleted while i was using the camera.
these photos are really important to me, so how do i get it back by using tools on my manjaro machine?

Please search for “photorec”.
This program is the best solution to rescue Photos from a faulty SD-card
I used it several times to help others to rescue their photos / videos

It is able to recover files without altering the original SD-Card :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tip: I do backup my photos from sd-card to my pc regularly (you only get bitten once)

The program that @andreas85 recommend is also in the repos. Its in a package with other programs for data rescue. The package is called ‘testdisk’.

Good luck. :smiley:

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… and you want to make us believe you never heard about the concept of backups? :roll_eyes:

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You may try pixo rescue on your windows machine.

I’m still undecided if you’re trying to get a linux support forum to help you with a windows problem…

Sometimes it is “enough” to take the SD card out of the reader at the wrong time (always wait until the operating system tells you that it is safe to remove the card now)