Photo print page settings not working


I am unable to set and print with custom page settings from Manjaro. I need to print couple family photos, but I always get Letter and always get landscape. I change page settings to what I need, but it is not being accepted and being changed back to US Letter (which is a mistake, because settings are UK and it must be A4)
It used to work with Pix earlier, but not anymore, as it uses KDE printing call. All programs (gwenview, pix, xnview, geeqie) print as it is letter page and as it is landscape - it doesn’t matter what I say, it is just doesn’t work.

I am tired and fed up with this, every time I need to print I boot at least to Mint. I have NO ISSUES there printing with any of programs I’ve mention above.

Is there any solution to this? I have no idea what CUPS is and don’t wanna know or learn how to configure that, I am not programmer or system admin.


Are you sure Linux in general is the right operating system for you?
Besides if you don’t want to learn how to configure things on your computer, then why are you asking for help?
No one here or on the rest of the internet will be able to “fix” your computer for you, because you are the only one who has physical access to it, you will need to do the “fixing” yourself (others can only “assist” you with needed info to do that)


Problem is that on Linux Mint everything is working out of the box, on Manjaro not. I had workarounds (using different programs to do this job), but these do not working anymore.
I know how to configure some of the things on my machine, but it requires more and more time and knowledge to do this. And have three linuxes for doing basic desktop things it is not very good option (altough i do this). I am average desktop user, not the system admin, server administrator or anything, so my ability to tune system is quite limited.

  1. Every Operating system is different.
  2. The real problem you are facing is the fact that you do not want to learn how to fix things.
    That is why you most probably have three linuxes for doing basic things, which only one could have done…
  3. Yes it takes time to learn and configure stuff, none of us were born with that knowledge either.
  4. Every person starts as a normal desktop user, the difference of knowledge and experience is what makes one an admin relative to the other…
  5. Your attitude is the reason why no one else has even tried to help you…
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