Phosh on Pinephone Pro - development status?

Can anyone tell me when the front and rear cameras on Pinephone Pro are likely to be supported by Manjaro Phosh? What about the Pinephone finger print scanner case? Is there a website somewhere that advises what features are priorities, and how they are progressing? Am keen to use PPP as a daily driver.

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Since posting, I foudn this Github project, which shows which “issues” the devs are working on.

I’ve added cameras and fingerprint scanner support as issues to address.They weren’t subjects of open tickets, so I suspect they are not progressing at this stage. Hopefully my issue report with spur them along.

See the Pinephone-Pro as a developer platform. You have a more or less FOSS friendly hardware you can do projects on, like the RasberryPi - just in a phone form factor. Getting it daily-driver ready might take while.

A good starting point for information would be the Pine64 Wiki, which includes infos about the PinephonePro, its Accessories and the Keyboard case. Each of them can be seen as separate projects. Some developers like the Kernel Developer Megi keeping track on their progress in personal logs or you follow a more mainstream oriented blog like TuxPhones.

The PostmarketOS project have a wiki page, which includes the status of supported hardware so far. And the Pine64 blog gives monthly updates what is going on in Pine64 community in general.

There are no priorities on when what get’s supported.

Getting the Cameras to run is kinda complex. The hardware was chosen with existing Linux drivers in mind. However, the communication between the SoC and the controller for the Cameras is not yet given. There is some effort happening for the 5.18 Linux kernel as found for example here, but not all needed pieces are there yet.

Regarding the finger print scanner: the drivers are available, however noone created or implemented the usage of a finger print scanner into an UI for mobile yet. Plasma added finger print scanner support with 5.24 just recently. Gnome on the other hand supports it already longer, however Phosh not yet.

And Phosh is more or less another project regardless of the PinephonePro, as it works also for Librem5, Pinephone and other TuxPhones. Development-wise the Gnome Gitlab gives a clue what is worked on there.

We might comment on your issues you posted to our gitlab, but don’t expect a fast solution, as we can’t pinpoint when it is done …