Phosh on cutiepi

I have made an image using for cutiepi, but phosh is not starting automatically.

I have done following steps to fix it:

  • added ‘systemd.debug-shell=1’ in /boot/cmdline.txt.
  • created an user manjaro with password 123456, and home dir /home/manjaro owned by user
  • created empty /etc/locale.conf

After that phosh.service starts and shows UI.

I have noticed yet a couple of problems:

  • phosh complained about partition size (is there some growfs to extend it?)
  • squakboard virtual keyboard wasn’t showing

Phosh is not UI I am interested in, but I can try to fix issues if you tell me where to look or verify if your fixes works.

Yes this should be part of oem installation or post install script.

This also should be in post install pkg

This idk might be screen size issue or something. No idea.