Phoronix-test-suite removal after use

I’m wondering if any of you gurus here can help make me a little smarter.

What would be the best way to install Phoronix-test-suite, keep-in-mind that I want to remove it after I’m done testing. Running the benchmarking tests is something I would do only once or twice and not need it again. Phoronix-test-suite with its dependencies can take up quite a bit of space on your drive.

  1. Download installer scripts from " Phoronix Test Suite - Download "
    and run the install script with command sh ./install-sh


  1. Use add/remove software and install the Phoronix-test-suite from the AUR?

if using the 2nd method and you remove that package using add/remove software, will it also remove the tests as well or just the Phoronix-test-suite package?

Or would I still need to use the "locate or find" command and delete all the directories/dependencies that have Phoronix in them?

Using the AUR to create a package has the advantage of a clean removal of all installed binaries and libraries afterwards.
Only cache and/or possible config files would be left after uninstallation - you’d still have to track down those manually.

Only the package, all the downloads, cache, results, etc… are stored in $HOME/.phoronix-test-suite and its up to you remove them

Thank you freggel.doe and Lolix for enlightening me! I will download it from the AUR then.