Pgadmin4 How can i set that %url% and port to fix initialization

i have already installed postgresql in my system and now i am trying to install pgadmin4 ,
but when i am launching pgadmin4 it giving me bunch of errors
first error after clicking pgadmin initialization failed , then after pressing ok it’s opening a parameter setup table where a bunch of options like deafault browser ,fixed port , and at the right side python parameter are given default .
they are all true , for my current system setup ,
Problem is with the port and browser ,
default browser value is /usr/lib/firefox , (but my current default is the developer edition)
and then just beside that a %url% parameter is there which this setup is looking for , what will be that? where i found that url?

and how do i set my firefox developer edition in that **default parameter **
and for the port what shall i use for that fix port parameter? when i tried to launch it it’s keeps saying initialization error and fixed port is alredy in use.
please help me with that my php programming has just stopped .

The package seems broken currently…

You might want to use another management tool until it’s fixed.

Or you can try installing a Flatpak/Snap package of it. Presumably they shouldn’t have library issues.


Thank you very much

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