Persistant sessions or window placements through reboots

Hi all,

I dual boot Manjaro and Windows. I use Manjaro probably 90% of the time I’m on my PC and reboot to play games with friends during the evening. I use specific window positions and sizes across multiple workspaces as my optimal workflow–it’s great! The problem is that every time I reboot back into Manjaro Gnome, I have to readjust all my application windows into the proper workspaces in my preferred positions and sizes. This is time consuming and can be exhausting if I reboot more than once a day.

I’ve looked into this and haven’t found useful information apart from a deprecated library on Github that attempts to solve this issue but no longer functions properly with the latest versions of Gnome. If I’ve missed something, please let me know.

Is there a script, framework or trick I could use to accomplish this task?



By default there is Auto Move Windows extension, not deprecated, and each Workspace can have rules for applications that will open directly on them. It might not give the exact position and size of the windows, but is a start. You could then make use of the tile windows from the Pop-Shell Extension, so the applications will arrange in the order you open them, but in a more coherent position …

Thanks for reply. I hadn’t seen the Auto Move Windows extension, so that’s definitely a start, thank you. I currently do make use of tilling however when I open applications, they generally don’t open in the position and size I left them in, but as you claim, Auto Move Windows doesn’t define that.

So do you think a compromise would be to create rules for each application I want in certain workspaces and then just move their positions and size manually? Additionally, I typically have multiple terminals across different workspaces–will I have to accept that I have to open them manually in each one?

I understand it’s unlikely I’ll achieve precisely what I’m looking for so I’m willing to accept a compromise.