Permissions problem with virtual box extension pack 6.1.14

Using Manjaro stable, xfce.

I had virtualbox with matched extension pack working last spring. Have updated the system over the summer. When I tried to start a vm this weekend virtualbox launched but it failed to start the vm.

I was able to use vboxmanage to delete the state of the vm, and then could start the VM. But the VM lacks the extension pack needed for USB support.

The current extension pack will not load in the way earlier versions did for me easily.
See for details virtual box forums 13 Oct " [ext pack 6.1.14 fails to install]"
Many views there but no solutions.

Is there some issue in the OS/desktop in the last few months that would cause these permissions/file not found errors?

Is it something I can fix, or is this back on Oracle? Meanwhile I may take some arbitrary old versions of virtualbox and try those to see if one might work, until it seems that will or will not work . It would be nice to use the current versions of the software.

Thanks for any help on this.

if you enable the AUR in pamac, there is a package for the virtualbox extension pack, give that a go


I am looking into a different extension pack, and reinstalling earlier vbox versions until I get one to work.

The forums show a lot of problems with the newest version of vbox.

yeah i noticed two issues last month

I have a similar setup though… manjaro stable, xfce

i have the virtualbox manjaro package and the extension pack from AUR, all works fine… I even use windows VM to update firmware on my HOTAS joystick


The recent set of updates in Manjaro which included vbox going to 6.1.16-1 plus the repo extension pack virtualbox-ext-vnc 6.1.16-1 ( I did not try them separately) have fixed this. For anyone reading, be sure vbox is closed when you have the OS package manager install the extensions package.

Thanks to gfunk for contributions.

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