Permission to Manjaro

Hello!, I am a new user in Manjaro (xfce), and my HDD is on MBR and I can’t control it except the partition of Manjaro System.
Can I get a help to fix this?
note: I use a dual boot Manjaro and Windows 10 and Windows doesn’t work.

Hello @EhabAdel :wink:

Could you please be more specific? That could mean everything…

disable Windows fastboot, hybrid sleep and hibernation

Thank you.
I meant that I have 3 partitions on my HDD, two of them are NTFS and the other one is ext4 and I use last one for Manjaro.
I cannot copy or save any data to the NTFS partitions while I using Manjaro.

I am sorry, I can’t Understand.

Do you have the package ntfs-3g installed?


If you don’t understand - then Linux is not for you. :smile:

No, I will search for it.

Thank you.

Ah i see… So you need to mount the NTFS partition correctly.

Try this:

If you have questions, just ask.

Thank you so much, I 'll try it.