Periodically experiencing "burn-in" /glare / ghosting / artifacts on a non-OLED screen

Hey guys,
I’ve sometimes had the issue, that LibreOffice is basically visible as a burnt-in ghost on the wallpaper even tho it isn’t running. Today I even had that issue after powering off my Laptop and booting it up ~20 minutes later. There currently is no saved session that this might originate from.
Any Ideas of how to fix this? It tends to get pretty annoying/distracting.

Thanks in Advance!

In the screenshot it should be visible (barely tho) in the top left. You’ll notice a slight change in brightness. I could still read the text I typed into Libre Office too. Pretty weird and scary, even after a Powercycle…

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What should? Did you upload the right screenshot? :thinking:

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It may be a similar issue as this - I heard it yesterday:

someone dropped their phone - screen got cracked
they tell someone else what happened
and to show them, they send a (of course immaculate) screenshot :sunglasses:

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if the burn-in/ghosting is due to a OLED screen you’ve got, then there is very little you can do.

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No, it actually is visible on the screenshot, I saw it on my other PC too. My screen isn’t OLED btw^^
On the dark background in the up-left corner it’s easier to see, but still barely visible.

It also usually disappears after a reboot. It isn’t there permanently.

i can’t recognize any artefacts in your picture on my mac-retina-display but i wouldn’t deny that possibly something like this can happen. that’s the reason why i’m always using a dia-show with pictures that change every 20 seconds and if i’m leaving the computer with opened apps i’ll turn to a second virtual desktop where only these pictures are shown and changing. i had this issue with my holy sony-vaio laptop but that happened after a decade of using till it was absolutely broken.

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Well, I just did

xfce4-panel -r && xfwm4 --replace

and that seems to work atleast partially.
Partially? Well, the “ghost” disappeared from Firefox, but now it’s still visible in PyCharm. Additionally, the last command doesn’t finish, so that might be an Issue here.

Any Ideas that aren’t “it’s burn it lol”?

I don’t see any irregularities in your screenshot. I think I have been staring myself half blind and now have ghosting on my retinas, but that is across the entire screen and not limited to your top left. Step away from the computer and rest your eyes :slight_smile:


I am keeping to experience this issue. The weird thing is, I already see the stuff after a mere 30 Minutes now. I use Whatever Program with a white background for 30+ Minutes (usually scrolling down a document or reading). Then, 30 minutes after closing/minimizing the program, If I look closely, I can still read the Text That I’ve written/read in the document. How could this be burn-in?
It almost feels like Manjaro has some “shine-through” or like Firefox is slightly transparent, as I can literally READ what is written in the other window. Additionally, I am not aware of this 1080p Monitor of my Laptop being an OLED.
I still have the feeling it has something to do with Manjaro, as I used a very similar Laptop with Ubuntu and even after hours of having LibreOffice in White open without doing anything on it, there was no burn-in/ghosting/glare like I’ve been experiencing here.

Does anybody in here have any Ideas what the cause of this may be? Even IF it would be burn-in, how would it be THIS fast and especially, how coud it be that clear?

Thanks for your answers in advance!

Little Update, It is gone again (after I terminated the white windows and had my laptop open with a website in Darkmode for a good hour or more). It is really weird…

Perhaps it’s image persistence. :man_shrugging:


Ghosting is hardware-related, and never shows in screenshots !
(But it will show in a photo)

If you see something in this screenshot,
I’m not kidding, but I think you should get your eyes checked

If it is image-persistence, it may help to reduce the brightness of the screen.

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Normally it is taboo to post pictures of your physical screen, but in this case it will be very helpful. Please get out your phone and take a picture, so that we can compare it to the screenshot.

I believe that this might actually be Image-Retention.
I just LibreOffice open at 75% screen brightness for maybe half an hour to reproduce the following:
(And please don’t tell me that I should wash my screen, I know, but I decide not to^^)

About the tip with reducing screen-brightness, I usually have my screen at the lowest Brightness possible before the Backlight shutting off.

Can we get a picture of the whole screen as well as a screenshot at the same time to match?

I looked onto the screenshot I sent before, and I really can’t find anything anymore. I think it is in fact image retention, the question Is just, how can I prevent that?
If you really need, I can send another picture/screenshot soon.

If you are satisfied that it is image persistence then that shouldn’t be necessary. Read the wikipedia article linked by @dmt, that should tell you what you need to know, and some workarounds. Since you are consistently experiencing this, it is likely a (non-fatal) problem with your screen, so the permanent fix is probably to replace it.

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