Performance when not charging

Hi,i have a laptop (ASUS TUF GAMING F15,you can see the specs in my account) It runs perfectly fine,its fast and smooth,but when the laptop is not charging the laptop become sloppy and slow,the animations become laggy.Is there any way to fix this? I set the scaling governor to high performance btw i don’t know if this is relevant

Do you run any power saving tools? / What’s your desktop session?

No not at all.What do you mean by session? i use manjaro gnome i don’t know if this answers your question:/

systemctl status tlp.service

If the service is active install tlpui and review power saving options. If the service is not active you can install it and still review the options, since it can help you tune the system performance.

EDIT: TLP - ArchWiki

thank you !

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