Performance on kernel 5.9?

Hi, there is a any benchmarks with new 5.9 kernel? I wonder because kernel 5.9 have FSGSBASE instructions.

I think if there are any benchmarks then Phoronix would most likely be the place which would have those available because they are a site which is very interested in this sort of thing. I have found this article:

I have not seen the Manjaro team ever run or publish any benchmarks so perhaps they might do that for this release?

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Yep. You beat me to it, heh.

Benchmarking The Intel Performance Change With Linux FSGSBASE Support

Out of curiosity, I tried Kernel 5.9 (from Unstable branch) and gaming performance on Proton is horrible. I get less FPS, less stable FPS, but I also have weird behavior it feels like I have 20 FPS when it oscillates between 100 and 200FPS, but just turning the view around feels very clunky, jumpy, not smooth at all with or without Vsync.

Rebooted on Kernel 5.8 and everything perfect, higher more stable FPS, perfectly smooth with or without Vsync.

Little off-topic but here is my review of Kernel 5.9 for gaming: garbage currently.

Hmm, okay. It should be fine in a stable release. Did you know what could be problematic with 5.9? I readed a lot of articles and 5.9 have a lot of performance tweaks.

I don’t really know, I could reinstall it and try to see if I can find something relevant, but I think for now I will just wait for a release to try it again. Really not impressed by this Kernel :smiley:

That may have been a fluke, or my setup, but all other Kernels I have work properly when this one gives me horrible in game feeling with this visual constant stutter when the view moves (it could simply be a problem with the mouse input lol)

I just did my regular darktable benchmark (you can find details in the old forum:
Kernel 5.0 performance getting worse - Kernel - Manjaro Linux Forum)

This is for a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor.
With this darktable benchmark there is no significant performance difference between kernel 5.4 and 5.8.
But kernel 5.9 is 3,5 % slower with the darktable benchmark:

Average of six runs each:

kernel 5.4: 9,68 s
kernel 5.8: 9,63 s
kernel 5.9: 9,97 s

Have you ever done benchmarks to compare different distributions for example compare Arch with Manjaro?

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I did the test again with the kernel patch I posted here:

And even though the darktable benchmark is without opencl I see a performance improvement. kernel 5.9 is now at 9,68 s. This is bascially the same value as with kernel 5.4 and 5.8.

But I would not over interpret these numbers. The values are so close, even the previous values with a 3,5 % difference, that by all practical means this is not significant.

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