Pen drive file system

I got a new Sandisk Pendrive of 128 GB to backup my important data. Today when I was transferring some large files, I got to know that it can’t store any file larger than 4 GB as it’s formatted with FAT32. So, I want to format my USB Pen Drive with a file system that is-

  • portable and reliable
  • supported by the different OS and Systems like Windows, MAC, and other Linux distros
  • can hold large files unlike FAT32

Now, I am too much confused with exFAT, ext4, and many other systems. Please suggest to me the best file system I need to format my Pendrive.

I would recommend you to make yourself familar with exFAT, probably the easiest solution. NTFS might be used as well as long as you implement drivers for it on your MAC and ntfs-3g is installed.

For example GNOME Disks tool could be used to format a device in exFAT.

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