Pegasus front end doesn't have the permission to run the Emulator

Hi Guys,

Quite new to Manjaro and Linux in general,

I installed Pegasus front end following the website documentation, in the metadata file I am directing the frontend towards the emulator I want Pegasus to use for launching the game but I get a message saying:

“Could not launch “redream””. Either the program is missing or you don’t have the permission to run it"

The path to redream is correct and the file is there, with rwx permissions for all users. Is it that Pegasus app doesn’t have the permission to run another app ? if so how do you grant Pegasus the right to execute the emulators?

Hopefully I have been clear enough, if not let me know and I can ad details .

Thanks for your help

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

How? Standalone, Flatpak or the AUR package?

Either way, unless someone here has used it before and can offer some assistance, it might be better to use their Discord channel for help.

Thanks Yochanan for your welcoming and reply,

I have followed your advise and been on discord, found out that it was the way my metadata file was written that was causing the issue!

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