Peerman -> new functionality to pacman

Let’s say, that mirror would be just torrent tracker, signature & checksum informer, packages will be downloaded by peer to peer, and everything’s faster.

I could even develop it, if new version could be in node.js, in this setup: node.js downloads packages from torrents or web, multiple packages at once, multiple mirrors at once. Then pacman install the packages like it’s used to.

I think for people having 1gbps internet, this will get faster feel. Even big apps like gimp would be downloaded instantly, and everybody with installed application is then seeder, if he doesn’t turn it off in gui interface or via command line or config. With huge updates like something heavy, now I cannot imagine what… Installing package that’s big. Okey, I know. Nothing’s that big. But in the end, faster feel and less load on server on updates could be nice.

We could even mirror github’s sources from original software with this like archives we would distribute to network, if microsoft privatizes some open software on github, or somebody there does sudo rm -r -f like last time when github lost a lot of code.

1gib cuda library will feel nice to have like torrent.

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This would be a bad idea, for people on a limited connection, like LTE or other “pay by the MB” services, since you would be uploading, as soon as the PC is turned on.

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Simple solution, it wouldn’t be permanent. I don’t know where this apple apptitude appeared in linux developers, to make permanent solutions users cannot decide is corporate approach. Linux is configurable, who doesn’t want it, turns it off. Some people have unlimited bandwidth and like that we can save server bandwidth. Servers then could deliver updates with uploading of less than 5 whole files into distributed network, which would mean, whole operating system branches distribution could be hosted on raspberry pi and people could have their own <“community”, “extra”> and stuff like that if they want, hosted at home with raspberry pi or similar arm thing. First of all, it can download multiple packages at once, which current pacman cannot, therefore it’s limited. I know it doesn’t happen, but this update can be ported to e.g. arch as our pacman peer, and there something like pacman -S kde5 nvidia-driver nvidia-cuda, for somebody on cable would be for sure faster simultaneously over torrent. Also it gives people perspective, that network doesn’t have to be centralized, just authority needs to be signed attitude which is useful in way towards functional society.

I’m really starting to think, that torrents would hand me that one package faster. And it’s a lot about of feeling of os, how fast you can configure. I sit at computer all day, but some new people, if they still exist and se click the ► at the beginning of the section that is appropriate for you. it’s not that everybody’s already in the game, have something like hour or two daily. So they can hit download and wait half hour? That’s unfair. I would share my data with them. And people can put packages on seedboxes once torrents are established.

I read somewhere that Pacman version 6 will support parallel downloads.

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