PDF reader with good support for XFA forms

Hello all!

I’m looking for a pdf reader with good support for (XFA?) forms in Manjaro.
My current employer is using pdf files with forms for a lot of things and so far I have been unable to get them to even open correctly in Manjaro (tried Okular, Foxit Reader and Evince - interestingly Foxit works on Windows).
Whenever I try to, I get a message that the software doesn’t support forms and the content won’t show.
I tried using Acrobat Reader with PoL, but I’m not happy with the results, in particular when it comes to printing and such.

Any suggestions?

It is not open source, but masterpdf editor is very good. The “free version” (no watermark) and the more current version are available in the AUR

For me, evince, atril, qpdfview works well. It’s now even possible in Firefox.

What exactly doesn’t work? Which problems do you see?

The xreader (document viewer) is suitable for reading and filling out pdf forms. If you don’t want to create forms, you don’t need the masterpdf editor.

@mithrial @Manfrago While most free and open source document viewers in Manjaro can fill up ordinary PDF forms, they cannot fill up XFA forms (while the proprietary MasterPDF Editor can fill XFA forms).

However, it was recently implemented in Firefox, and it will land on Firefox 91.

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Oops … that’s right.

Huh, okay then apparently it’s something new I didn’t know before and probably something that should not have been a PDF in the first place.
However, I can recommend MasterPDF Editor which was mentioned already.

Unfortunately, there are many governments agencies which use XFA forms, and there is no way to ask them to change that.

That seems to do the trick! Thank you, went with Masterpdf for now.

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