.pdf mime type misread sending to Mint

Hi team -
I’m running 6.6.10-1-MANJARO with Plasma 5.27.10

I need a hint to troubleshoot an issue I’m having when sending a .pdf files created on my device, emailed to my wife’s Mint 21.1 machine. It seems like that machine has trouble correctly interpreting the file as .pdf. That’s the case whether it’s file type shows as .pdf, or nothing at all. I don’t know if it’s a mime type issue, and where that resides. Opening her email, it looks like this:

If I copy the file to a USB thumbdrive and open it on her Mint desktop, NP. Looks fine.

Other people (non-linux, non-manjaro, anway) can send .pdf files. Just not me.
She’s on Mint 21.1, and I thought about updating her machine to 21.3 but it’s the same version of Evolution she’s currently on.
Any advise how to troubleshoot this would be great.

Shouldn’t you ask that on Mint forum then?

I will, sure. But since that machine can interpret .pdf files correctly from other machines, but not mine, I thought it might be Manjaro that’s the offender.

Which mail client did you use to send your mail? Which mail service are you using? Did you try to use Thunderbird on both machines? It seems there’s a decoding problem (base64) in target machine.

Evolution in both cases. I did look at the web interface for the email provider, and it’s wrong (in the same way) there, too. I’m not sure what to make of that. I haven’t tried Thunderbird, but I can. NP

You send an e-mail with the .pdf file as attachment?
And the other side gets the e-mail,
sees the attached .pdf,
shows it as an attached file,
but the attached file cannot be opened at the other side?

That is right, sort of. It is received in Mint / Evo but isn’t recognize as an attachment. In Evo, it is shown in the body of message as shown in the .png I attached here. Evo also adds a high-priority designation

It appears to be Evolution on the Marjaro side. When I change to T-Bird on the Manjaro side, add the same attachment it shows up perfectly readable (as an attachment) on the Mint side, whether Evo or T-bird. Weird.

So, the issue appears to be with the Evolution Mail Program on your installation - the way the .pdf file is attached
It has been some time that I have used Evolution - I keep coming back to Thunderbird.
If you attach a file - it is seen as an attached file on the receiving side.
Whatever the file type.
It’s not shown inline - it is an attached file and has to be opened separately.

… but I cannot help to troubleshoot because I do not currently use Evolution

Thanks for helping