PDF form and signature

Hi everybody! I have been dealing a whole week with with this problem and I ended up doing it on my work computer (under M$ :angry:) but still fighting to get it work in Manjaro :sunglasses:

My problem: I have to fill some PDF for government agencies, that came with dynamic XFA forms, and later sign them with digital signature.

What I have done: I download (almost) all pdf editors I have found, and the only one that allows me to fill the form is Masterpdfeditor (as already commented in other posts). Good… but it doesn’t allow me signatures (because it is free version?). Okular can deal with digital signatures, but not on the document with XFA forms.

What I have now: I can have two halves solved (forms with masterpdfeditor, and signatures with okular), but not together (forms+signatures).

What I can do: Fill the form and sign it with Acrobat (or even only signature). I tried acroread from AUR, the last working version of Acrobat, but I doesn’t work. Some months ago, it worked; but after some systems updates it doesn’t anymore. From AUR web, I have seen that copying some libraries should make it go.

What I cannot do (because I don’t know): how to copy a specific version of those libraries, as said in the AUR post? And after this, should I copy all the files or only the .so.0 ?



Foxitreader might be helpful.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have just tried foxit, and it does not open the documents with xfa forms neithers allows digital signatures.

Other tries will be wellcome :slight_smile: