Pcmanfm enlarge fonts

Is there a way to enlarge the fonts in pcmanfm?

you could change system fonts with lxappearance ?

Go to Edit > Preferences > Display and change size for big and small icons or better just zoom in or out with Ctrl + +/-

That doesn’t work for text only icons and thumbnails.

Nothing works. You’re out of luck, as I’ve found out, because of the horrible support that Linux apps have for HiDPI screens (and people used to make fun of Windows scaling…at least that works now!)

I switched to Dolphin, which still doesn’t let you resize the sidebar or the address bar but I can at least resize the labels and get a usable experience. If anyone knows of a file manager that supports high dpi screens I would love to know!

OK now replace everything in that last post with “xfce”.

Feel free to criticize KDE all you want but every single scaling problem I’ve ever had on this computer was just solved by installing KDE and switching to that instead.