PCI serial port driver, 8250_pci seems not in default manjaro ; what options for me?

I have a serial port PCI card in my CPU. The chip is CH352_2S. The chip maker offers source code only for linux.
This source code appears part of 8250_pci driver. But this driver is not available among manjaro kernel drivers.

[pbhat@HpProbook650G1 modules]$ find ./ -type f -name ‘.ko’|grep -i 8250
[pbhat@HpProbook650G1 modules]$

I have not recently done a kernel configuration and build. I want to avoid having to maintain my own kernel build. What options I have ?

This driver is builtin. That means there is no separate module which you could find.

$ modinfo 8250-pci
name:           8250_pci
filename:       (builtin)
description:    Generic 8250/16x50 PCI serial probe module
license:        GPL
file:           drivers/tty/serial/8250/8250_pci

Yes. Thank you. Obviously I did not see hard enough. :smile:

That also means some issue with the card, as the driver not loads .

The driver/module can’t be loaded. It is always active, since it is build into the kernel.

OK… I am not getting the card to work. Rather, it worked one time, then no more.

The boot messages contain no message or reference for the two serial ports. But the Terminal program (through wine) thinks there are COM2 and COM4. But receives nothing. And hangs.

Looks like there is a driver issue. How can I rule out driver issue ?

Try a native app to use the serial ports instead of the WINE emulator…
With problems like this, always use native Linux apps for your distro instead…

Nothing? Really nothing?

Hm… Maybe create a symlink from the linux device to the wine folder?


Or maybe you have no rights to access the serial port, since it needs root? Then you have to adjust the permissions for the device, so that you can access it as user.

In boot messages, there is no mention of /dev/ttyS1 or /dev/ttyS2.

The legacy programs which use serial ports are all Windows programs. So, I use Bray’s Terminal to trouble-shoot. May be I can use cutecom, a native app to trouble shoot as Trimoon suggests.

No permission issues. My user id part of uucp,wheel groups.

Maybe card is malfunctioning. I can find out only tomorrow.

Thanks all.