PC freezes on installation

When i’m installing Manjaro KDE Plasma my pc freezes on 7%

We can do nothing with the information you provided. Please check this [HowTo] Provide System Information and while on Live Media, gather that information and share it here.

What ISO you used, did you boot with free or proprietary drivers. Start the installer from console and check where is failing, share the logs …

The iso is the latest manjaro kde plasma iso and im using free drivers

And how do i do start installer on console?

i just installed it yesterday and everything is running fine. manajro kde 21.2rc1. you need a new iso maybe.

its the default calamares installer. use manjaro architect if you want to start from the ground up

Where can i find manjaro architect? I googled it and found nothing

check this - Installation with Manjaro Architect - Manjaro

note - this is unmaintained now so try at your own risk

I’ve installed it by pacman but im getting [install basepkgs][255] error

here is a similar issue on the forum - Manjaro Architect fails during package install [basepkgs 255 error] - #20 by withoutadolphin

my suggestion would be to use just the arch iso if you just want the base system without any bloat as the architect version is no longer maintained

check this too - Best way to bare system

That didnt help tho but i found an architect iso, imma try it

Take a look at [root tip] [How To] Troubleshoot Calamares installer errors
and try this also:

Run Calamares in debug mode