Pc does not let you remove files from the flash drive

I want to format my pc, but the Flash drive I use won’t let me delete files from the pen drive to add the new system, does anyone know how to fix this?

Might be a permissions issue (write protection is on) or your flash drive is getting old and has gone read-only mode (no fix for that besides buying a new drive)

it says here that you don’t have permission to delete. I’m not good at English, so I’m using a translator

the files do not appear in windows and it appears that the flash drive has only 4kb of space, when the flash drive has 8 originally

so you want to format your hard disk in your pc? or do you want to format a USB?

For me to install another operating system I need a bootable USB stick, I want to format it

Just checking: do you need to format your USB stick so it becomes bootable? Or is it so you make it a liveUSB for the new operating system?

I think a liverUSB.

AFAIK, nowadays tools for burning an ISO into a liveUSB already start by formatting the target USB stick.

Classic XY Problem. No one can help if you don’t tell us what you’re actually trying to do.

What operating system are you using right now?
What is it that you want to write to your USB drive/flash drive?
How are you trying to do that currently - which seems to not be working as expected?

the OS is Manjaro Linux

I will change my pc to another system because linux does not have the games I play

I can’t format the files on the flash drive to put the iso from the other system, it says it doesn’t have permission. Also, the files on the USB stick are opening in another folder instead of the USB itself. When I went to format the flash drive on my Laptop it was saying that the USB had 4kb and was not showing that it had 8GB, which it used to

That is only a partial response to the points above.

I’ll help clarifying by asking:

You want to write an ISO file to an USB drive - correct?

How are you trying to do this?
Where is the iso file located - and how exactly are you trying to put it onto the USB drive?

The iso file is in my download folder. And when I try to format the USB he n gives the permission, I’m trying to solve this. in short; When I try to delete a file from my flash drive he does not give the permission for this

You don’t format files, you format partitions. Formatting a partition also “removes” the files on that partition.
How exactly are you trying to format the partition on your USB stick?

Can you show us your current partitioning?

lsblk -fa
NAME   FSTYPE  FSVER            LABEL                      UUID                                 FSAVAIL FSUSE% MOUNTPOINTS
loop0  udf     1.02             Windows 10 1420170457696e64                                    
└─sda1 ext4    1.0                                         9f8d29e4-45ac-4484-ad8e-1bc1cbf9a6da  416,7G     4% /
sdb    iso9660 Joliet Extension MANJARO_KDE_2126           2022-04-16-05-50-10-00                              
├─sdb1 iso9660 Joliet Extension MANJARO_KDE_2126           2022-04-16-05-50-10-00                     0   100% /run/media/filipi_goncalves/MANJARO_KDE_2126
└─sdb2 vfat    FAT12            MISO_EFI                   208C-5689                                 4M     0% /run/media/filipi_goncalves/MISO_EFI

You do not need to delete anything on the USB drive.
You just write the iso file to it.
As root.
This will wipe out everything on the USB drive and replace it with the iso - creating a bootable USB drive which you can use to boot from and install the system the iso contains.

usually this is done like so:
sudo su -
dd if=/home/username/Downloads/name_of_file.iso of=/dev/sdX
(where /dev/sdX is your USB drive

you can also use:
cat /home/username/Downloads/name_of_file.iso > /dev/sdX

lsblk -f
will tell you what the USB drive is, where you need to write to

Be very careful to choose the correct drive!

If you don’t want to use the command line:
go for Ventoy
install that to your USB drive
and then just copy the iso file to it
or more than one iso file - so you have a choice

also the USB can still be used as storage …
which is not the case if you use the methods I first described

Well, that makes sense: your USB stick is currently a Manjaro liveUSB, and those aren’t writable by default.

As repeatedly explained, there is no need trying to remove the files from a partition you want reformat.
Since you want to burn an ISO into that USB, you can use a tool dedicated for that kind of task: USB flash installation medium - ArchWiki
PS: imagewriter and popsicle are also available in the repositories.

zsh: permission denied: /dev/sdX

as root!
sudo … and then the command
sudo su -
and then the command

and, of course
/dev/sdX was a placeholder/example for your actual device name
… probably sdb - but you better be sure! :wink:

not a partition on it - the whole device!

I am Brazilian so if something is in another language it is because of that

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