PBP- Wayland fails to initialize after full-upgrade

(Pinebook Pro) I did a full upgrade on the Manjaro ARM unstable branch today. Wayland fails to initialize now after attempting to login. It says I’m missing a module (org.kde.plasma.private.sessions) of some sort at the login screen. I can switch to the x11 compositor, but it’s bit glitchy when I login (the app dock has a lot of artifacting). What should I do at this point? I can provide more details if need be and thanks in advance!


It’s happening to me too

Also… (posted in the PBP discord)

Hey guys… my PBP keeps forcing a wired connection that doesn’t exist… “Io” is the connection name. I’m trying to run updates/downgrade to fix issues with the current unstable branch version of Manjaro ARM. I’ll try docking it via USB-C or something that has a hardwired Ethernet but idk if it will help this erroneous connection to disappear. What can I do? I can’t connect to WiFi as long as this fake hard wire connection exists.

It seems… sudo -su —> “rmmod brcmfmac; modprobe brcmfmac”

Fixed the issue… or it was toggling the privacy WiFi kill switch on the PBP resolved my WiFi issue (had to Reboot and then functionality came back). After that I did a full-upgrade and all my issues were resolved phew!