Pavumeter stopped showing volume levels

pavumeter (AUR) broke (starts; doesn’t show anything). rebuilding didn’t help.

Please don’t post about problems with AUR packages in Announcement threads.

AUR packages are up to the user to manage. If an AUR package breaks after an update, rebuild it.

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Rebuilding didn’t help, as I wrote.

Made a test and it works

Did you edit your build files?

nope. I did not.

the xfce own PulseAudio Plugin shows volume, but global. I want to see channels separately.
Just for a test removed and made clean build with yay, but still nothing.

On the attached picture you see volume meter active in the xfce “Volume Control” for the bottom Firefox: AudioStream, while pavumeter is completely silent.

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Ah, now i understand the issue. But does it show if you use just stereo and not surround?

Sadly not. Stereo doesn’t show meters either. Tried different sound sources also, like Celluloid (mpv?) video player and youtube. Doesn’t matter.