Pavucontrol not detecting headphone after stable update

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Since yesterday’s big update, my bluetooth headphones are no longer being recognized by pavucontrol as either an input or output device. (I am successfully able to connect my headphone to my laptop via bluetooth)

We may be having the same issues; I’m on KDE. My thread: Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headset Doesn't Show Up as Output/Input Device

Hopefully someone more experienced could point us in the right direction soon.

seems there are bugs in the latest pulseaudio

you may try to downgrade to 13.99.2 for the moment (libpulse pulseaudio pulseaudio-zeroconf)

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The recent stable updates replaced Pulseaudio v13.03 with v13.99.3
so v13.99.2 is unlikely to be available for downgrade
and downgrading is only a way to postpone fixing the problem (“for the moment”)

The problem is likely to be that the Pulseaudio update created .pacnew files instead of overwriting system configuration files modified by the user
there is usually a warning during the update process about this

[ALPM] warning: /etc/pulse/daemon.conf installed as /etc/pulse/daemon.conf.pacnew
[ALPM] warning: /etc/pulse/ installed as /etc/pulse/

The new configuration in the .pacnew file must be merged with the configuration file without removing user modifications

When you say merged, do you mean append the contents of one file to the other or something similar?
Or do you mean look at the contents of both the files and create a single one?

Also, the single file after the merge would be the file with the pacnew extension?

PulseAudio update will create a .pacnew file if you have changed any of the PulseAudio configuration files in folder /etc/pulse/ (so any user changes are not replaced)

suggest you check if you have any .pacnew files that need attention

ls /etc/pulse/ | grep *.pacnew

PulseAudio does not read from .pacnew files, only the original configuration files
so it will not have the updated configuration

the original configuration file and it’s corresponding .pacnew file need to be compared by the user to make sure any changes in the .pacnew file are merged with the configuration file and retain user-specific changes
when the changes have been merged the .pacnew file can be deleted

I suggest you check this discussion for how to merge .pacnew files using meld or pacdiff
Good tutorial around pacnew needed

Or this BASH script to find any .pacnew files and open them in meld

There were a looot of pacnew files in my system (I never merged any of them).

Thanks! I merged all the pacnew files that were laying around in my system using this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, pavucontrol is again unable to detect my headphones. (Pulseaudio 13.03 works)

I suggest you check the link from @xfceman to see how to post relevant information needed for troubleshooting bluetooth connection to headphones