Pause pamac update with Ctrl+Z

Can I “pause” a system upgrade sudo pamac update with CONTROL+Z, and then fg %1 later to continue?

I don’t know, can you? :wink: Have you tried it?

Don’t use sudo with pamac. It will ask for elevation when needed.

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best (for you?), is download and after make update (from cache)

checkupdate -d
# one hour later
pamac update or pacman -Syu

with checkupdate -d, we can stop (ctrl+c) and continue by running same command

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@papajoke I know I can cancel downloads, they will just resume later. I’m more interested in what happens later on, the whole install and configuration.

Sometimes my system becomes unresponsive due to high IO, so pausing the process could help if I need to attend higher priority tasks.

after download ! never stop !!! we have “pre-hook” (first step): they break very often kernel modules. the repair is only at the end (post-hook)

you can exclude aur at update --no-aur :wink: and remake update with aur

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