Patience on Linux Manjaro

My wife has a Windows PC that is dated, we would like Linux on it (Manjaro xfce) the condition is that Patience can be played, so no Klondike or the like. Is that possible and how?

I don’t use XFCE, but I certainly do have (and play) Patience on my Manjaro system. For Plasma, you can install kpat, and for other environments, you can install aisleriot. It is even possible that either package already comes preinstalled by default, depending on the chosen desktop environment.

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Klondike IS Patience?

on Xfce: sudo pacman -S aisleriot

(AisleRiot Solitaire)

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I use KDE. KPatience has about 14 variants of solitaire. One of them, Klondike, looks to be the same as the Patience game on Windows. You should be able to install KPatience in any desktop environment you choose to install.

And in the end if all the similar games don’t suit you, you can always install WINE and run a windows executable, but that sounds really special to refuse all other clones, I don’t understand what the windows version of the same exact game could bring to you.