Path to NAS / network shared folders from /

I can’t determine the full path to my shared folders on my NAS. I can use Dolphin to make shortcuts in the Remote section. When I check the properties on those shortcuts it tells me the location is something like smb://Benzius@benzius-nas.local/share4/Music.

If for example I try to change the default download folder in FireFox, it will list some common local places in my home folder but if I choose “Other” it shows me / (root) and I need to navigate from there but, I don’t know how to navigate to the NAS shared folder from / (root). In Linux MX I could do it because I learn the path was something like:


but that doesn’t seem to work in Arch / Manajaro.

Thanks in advance for any help.

That works on any system using gvfs - KDE is well known to do thing differently and gvfs is an acronym for Gnome Virtual File System.

You can use systemd to mount your network shares in fixed structure.

Please use the search functions to see how users are doing SMB mounts.

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