Patchy wifi connection in KDE

I have patchy wifi with KDE (I’m not sure why). I’ve taken a look at a few posts here and someone suggested turning off ipv6 to improve wifi connectivity? Is this the best route or are there other things I should check first?

System is an Acer Nitro using its own internal wifi (I had hoped to get my Asus AC56 working on Manjro in the hope it would improve the signal).

This is a clean install as I wondered if something might have caused the system to become corrupted but its made not difference.

I have noticed blue tooth devices cause drop off’s so they remain turned off when using the internet but still its generally pretty patchy.

Any advice appreciated. Failing that I’m going to stump up for a linux friendly wireless USB adaptor.

Hi @SRK,
Welcome to the forum, the linux 64 bit driver is available in the Assus support webpage.

It is a rtl8812 (Realtek), you also can found the drivers in this link:
The post in the forum at which I found this link is
Can't install manjaro, rtl8812 network card not recognized

Hope it help, regards